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Is Your Electrical Equipment Current?

Is Your Electrical Equipment Current?

Consider a new electrical installations and wiring in Stevensville, Lolo or the Bitterroot Valley, MT by calling Gray's Electric

Your electrical system is essential to the function of your home. Before you remodel or add any new electrical components, you must consult with a professional. An incorrect electrical installation could cause damage to your home or serious injury to you or your family. Gray's Electric is happy to help with any electrical remodeling project. We're based in Stevensville, MT and serve all surrounding areas, including the Bitterroot Valley, and Missoula, MT.

Speak with one of our seasoned electricians today about your upcoming project.

Keep your power flowing properly

One of the most common issues you will face when remodeling your home is the need to replace or update your electrical panel. Older homes will often have outdated panels, so your current panel may not support your home updates. An electrical remodeling expert can:

  • Inspect your current panel
  • Install new breakers
  • Replace the entire panel
  • Ensure any new wiring is installed correctly
  • Ensure your breakers and panel are not overloaded

At Gray's Electric, we don't believe in cutting corners when it comes to electrical installation. Contact an electrical remodeling expert in Stevensville or the Bitterroot Valley, MT right away.